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The Inspiring Journey of Inder T Jaisinghani: From Rags to Riches

Let’s discuss another success story. This story is not about Tata, Birla, or Ambani; it is all about a 15-year-old boy and 10th pass who left school to run a small electrical shop and converted it into a big business polycab.

Polycab market value was around 1 lakh crore Inder T Jaisinghani believes in India’s growth story because of the young population.

1. Who is Inder Jaisinghani? 

Inder image

This man started a business in Chawl. Today, he is a billionaire with a $6.4 billion company. Meet Inder T Jaisinghani, the founder of Polycab.

At the age of 15, Inder was forced to give up his education after his father passed away in 1968. He took over his father’s small electrical shop in Mumbai Chawl.

He and his brother started experimenting with wires and founded Polycab in a 100-square-foot garage shop. His brother focused on production while he managed the sales and marketing of the business.

After years of struggle, they established a manufacturing unit in Gujarat Halol. With each passing year, they grow their business at a steady pace. Inder and his brother realized the potential of electric wire in the Indian market. 

Over the years, the company has expanded its portfolio with LED lights, switches, and electric fans.

He successfully listed his business on the stock market in 2019.In 2021, Forbes recognized him on the list of Indian billionaires. 

2. Inder Jaisinghani: Birth and Carrer? 

Inder T Jaisinghani was born in 1952 and started with a small electrical shop. He was only 15 years old when his father, Thakurdas Jaisinghani, passed away. His father started this electrical shop, and Inder and his brother turned the whole business into a billion dollars.

Initially, Inder and his brother ran the shop and experimented with making wires and cables.Facing many challenges and setbacks early in life. Inder Jaisinghani believes in hard work and passion.

The Inder t Jaisinghani family’s total net worth almost doubled in a very short period of time thanks to their wires and cables company, Polycab India.

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3. Inder Jaisinghani net worth?

Net worth

 As per the Forbes India live report of Inder T. Jaisinghani’s personal net worth of a whopping $2.1 billion,  In 2022–23, Jaisinghani became the highest gainer in net worth, with a 91.04% increase in wealth in just one year. polycab market capitalization was around 1 lakh crore. 

So, think once again, running a small electrical shop to run a 1 lakh crore company. Read the full article to learn about Polycab company details.

4. Jaisinghani Caste?

 The Jaisinghani family is  Israni caste, or you can say, Sindhis, who ran Sind Electrical Store in Mumbai. It was located in Lohar Chawl.  “As Sindhis, we always wanted to be entrepreneurs and build our family’s name.

We decided to set the foundation of a robust and dynamic business and leverage the strength of family members,” said the owner of Polycab.

5. The Inder Jaisinghani family?

Inder t jaisinghani family

Jaisinghani, Ajay T. Jaisinghani, and Ramesh T. Jaisinghani are sons of the late Thakurdas Jaisinghani. The family founded a partnership firm in the name of ‘Thakur Industries’ under the Indian Partnership Act of 1932.  

The Jaisinghani brothers teamed up to scale up the family business and take their father’s legacy forward. 

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 6. Inder T Jaisinghani has an idea to build a big brand?

Inder t jaisinghani idea

Jaisinghani started the Polycab Company in 1983 in a 1000-square-foot garage and made cable wires.Inder always thinks about how we can expand this business exponentially, slowly. He understands the whole cable market.

He knew that if he wanted to do something big, he would have to remove his focus from many product ranges and focus on one product, and that’s why he decided to sell only wires and cables. 

This was the time when it was made compulsory to install cables in buildings, and electricity adoption across the country also flooded very rapidly. Inder T. Jaisinghani understood the increasing demand for electricity wires and cables in the market, so he sold electricity wires and cables, started trading them, and started selling these products to the shops around him. 

After focusing on wires and cables, Inder (the Indian Rich Boy) now understands it’s time to explore new products like polycab switches and polycab coolers, which have the best electrical switch boards in India. 

7. What are the challenges faced by the polycab founder?

Polycab Challenges

Polycab India owner says The initial year, Started with struggle and sacrifice We built a business with limited money and resources.

Firstly, they set up a manufacturing unit named Polycab Halol Plant in Gujarat to produce all types of wire. Capital was a huge challenge in Polycab’s early days. The brothers, never given anything on a silver platter, had to learn valuable business lessons the hard way. 

Facing many obstacles with money, limited resources, profitability, and many problems  To become profitable

“We had to integrate our business strategies, both forward and backward, to ensure our margins improved consistently and gave us more cash in hand. It was tough, but we managed to get traction slowly but surely,” polycab promoters says.

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8. Polycab profile

Company Profile
Company NamePolycab India ltd
Founded in 1996
Employee count1000 to 5000
HeadquartersMumbai, India
Office locationMumbai, India
ChairmanInder t jaisinghani
FoundersInder t jaisinghani
Girdhari T. Jaisinghani
Ajay T. Jaisinghani
Type of CompanyCorporate
Nature of BusinessB2B & B2C
Company details

9. Polycab CEO And who is on the board of directors?

Board of directors

Mr. Inder T. Jaisinghani, Chairman and Managing Director of the Company, has been working with the Company since its inception.

Bharat A. JaisinghaniExecutive director
Nikhil R. JaisinghaniExecutive Director
Gandharv TongiaChief Financial officer
T. P. OstwalIndependent Director
Manju AgarwalIndependent Director

you can read this to know more about director

10. What is the Business Model of Polycab?

In the early days, Jaisinghani decided to focus only on wires and cables; after that, they decided to focus on a wide range of FMCG. Polycab is a manufacturer and supplier of wires and cables and fast-moving electrical goods ‘FMEG’ under the Polycab brand. 

Apart from this, they manufacture and sell FMCG products such as polycab coolers, polycab switch boards, LED lights, electric fans, solar products, and many more.

11. Polycab Marketing strategy?

Jaisinghani marketing Strategy

Polycab is one of the leading manufacturers of electrical cables and wires in India. The company has a strong presence in the domestic market and has recently started expanding its reach in international markets.

Inder Jaisinghani understands marketing. Polycab adapts both B2B and B2C business models.

1. Product differentiation :

Polycab offers a wide range of electrical products that cater to different segments of the market by offering unique products that meet the specific needs of the customers. 

2. Branding:

Polycab has a strong brand image in the market, and the company has invested heavily in building brand awareness through various marketing campaigns. The company uses both traditional and digital marketing channels to reach out to its target audience.

3. Distribution: 

With a network that covers both urban and rural areas of the country, the company has more than 3,500 authorized dealers and distributors, which helps it reach a larger customer base. 

4. Customer-centric approach:

 Polycab focuses on delivering value to its customers by offering high-quality products at competitive prices and excellent customer service. The company also conducts regular market research to understand the changing needs and preferences of its customers.  

5. Influencer marketing:

   Polycab works with various popular influencers like Paresh Rawal and Ayushman Khurana. Sharing inspiring content.  

6. Mobile Apps:

  The Polycab App will provide easy access to register your purchase. The Polycab app provides full details about products and prices.You can scan and earn points with the same application. 

12. Polycab Competitor?

Polycab Competitor

Inder T. Jaisinghani believes competition is good for business. Polycab’s competitors are Havells, Finolex Wires, Sumitomo Electric, Tai Electric Equipment, etc. 

Polycab is competing in a rapidly growing market and faces competition from other manufacturers, traders, suppliers, and importers of electrical equipment. 

Inder and his brothers have come a long way with Polycab, but they have not forgotten what inspired them to work hard in the early days. 

Polycab itself has 25 manufacturing units, giving tough competition to other companies with strong R&D teams. 

13.Polycab product Range with price?

Polycab product

At the Polycab halol plant facility the brother manufacturd wires and cables ,power cables,Control cable, Building wire with Indian and international standard.

“We made a diverse range of wires, and cables used for various needs such as power, instrumentation, solar use, communication, welding, submersible flat and round cables, rubber, overhead conductors, railway signals, speciality cables, control cables, building wires, flexible/single multi-core cables, and more,”polycab founder explains.

Some examples of Polycab FMCG products with price This price are rough figure according to product size or warranty.

Polycab tubelight priceStarting from Rs 200 only.
Polycab cable priceStarting from Rs 300 only.
polycab Switch boardStarting from Rs 500 only.
Polycab coolerStarting from Rs 6000 only.

14. Polycab India Subsidiaries?

List of the companies under polycab india subsidiaries.

  • Polycab Australia Pty. ltd.
  • Polycab wires Italy yrl
  • Polycab Usa LLC
  • jaysingh finance private limited
  • Polycab Electrical & Electronic private limited
  • Polycab support force private limited

you Can Know more about Polycab India subsidiaries.

15. Polycab Share price target?

Polycab share price target

Inder T Jaisinghani Company Polycab has been a listed company since 2019.This company has already given multibagger returns to investors.

 Polycab IPO date was 12 April 2019 ,Got listed on 16 April 2019Polycab India Ltd. made a stellar stock market debut on listing day, closing 21.41% above its issue price. 

Polycab’s current stock price is nearly 6690 per share. 

Polycab historical share price You can go through this data for historical prices.

Polycab share price target in 2024, 2025,2026

Analysts predict a potential range of 8500 to 9000 per share by the end of this year, representing a healthy growth of 25% to 30%.

Inder T Jaisinghani knows demand will increase rapidly. In the infrastructure and housing sectors, polycabs play an important role.

This share price target is according to market sentiments and the global outlook.

YearLow estimate
High estimate
2024 8,540 9,010
2025 11,600 12,900
2026 14,700 17,000
2027 17,700 21,700
2030 24,100 34,300
2040 54,300 92,800
2050 1,40,000 3,05,000


Inder T. Jaisinghani’s unbelievable journey inspires many people. With a vision to surpass ₹200 billion in sales by FY26, this is ambitious.Polycab is currently among the top 10 global wire and cable companies, aiming to be among the top 5 in the coming years.

Frequently Ask questions

Our Company was incorporated as 'Polycab Wires Private Limited' on January 10, 1996 at Mumbai as a private limited company under the Companies Act, 1956.

Ayushmann Khurrana does the Dance of Joy in Polycab's new campaign . Fast Moving Electrical Goods company Polycab India launched its new masterbrand campaign featuring actor and singer Ayushmann Khurrana

Polycab India Limited unveiled its new logo/brand identity, brand line, and philosophy. The new brand line 'Ideas. Connected' is in step with Polycab's forward-looking modern & innovative vision and business roadmap for the future.

Polycab's clients come from various sectors — oil and gas, IT parks, railways (Konkan Railway Corporation Ltd.), construction (L&T), and EPC companies, and not just in India but worldwide.

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