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How One Man Build a 200 Cr Company in Just 3 Years.(Success Story of Entrepreneur)

Akash left his corporate job in advertising and marketing and joined his own family business full-time. Start the Success Story Of Entrepreneur

Sooner or later in 2018, they launched Bellavita Organic. They release Bellavita organically as an Online Direct consumer brand. It is time to take their brand merchandise out of the salons and supply it to purchasers across the country and Create Success Story.


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Akash Anand Build a business in a very short period of time.

Akash Anand once said that 

“I Have Built a Business Because I Only Focus on Building a Business” 

So when Akash launched Bellavita, the idea was very simple: what I sell to consumers today is also my problem statement because I consider myself to be part of the 99% of Indians who are lazy consumers. They want full value from any product.

That’s why I created Bellavita.I put all my efforts into the bottle, not outside the bottle. “Every step you take is your foundation for a bigger step.” 

1.The Journey of Akash Anand.

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Anand started Bellavita. The company doesn’t raise any funds because Bellavita was profitable all along.Bellavita once raised funds from a private equity firm called Ananta Capital; it’s led by the Taparia family, headed by Mr. . Ashutosh Taparia.

They had a pharmaceutical business that they sold for close to a billion dollars in 2015. Since then, they have multiplied their wealth. Bellavita has a lot of offers from VCs (venture capitalists).Now the fund is led by Mr. Lapkes Kapoor, who is Akash Anand’s partner.

When Ananta Capital stepped in, I took a massive secondary, more than 100 cr of secondary. Means Akash takes home a whopping amount of 100 crore because you build a business to earn money.

After that, Ananta Capital invested money in Bellavita. Akash and Ananta Capital build businesses together, and we are able to get the right team once Bellavita gets stable. Akash understands how to run a business.

Then Akash came across a brand called Bevzilla, a coffee brand that picked it up in 12 lakh per month.Today, it does 2 crore per month, is almost profitable, and is a is a bestseller on Amazon. We understand customer needs. What we did in Bevzilla was convert package 100 grams into 2 rupee packs for quick use. Solve the problem.

After that, Akash acquires businesses, not brands, because he thinks good businesses automatically become brands.If people buy any product repeatedly, those companies become brands.

The idea was to create wealth, build a business, and be with people who know how to scale companies.Akash has focused on innovation and now focuses on creating new businesses.

2. Early Days of Akash Anand


In his early days, since childhood, Akash Anand has been entrepreneurial. When Akash was in 10th grade, he used to sell Reliance CDM phones without talking to his father since he went to college.

He finished his schooling in Malaysia, then moved to the UK, then came to Singapore. He completed his education in three different countries.

He comes from a privileged family. His father is also an entrepreneur. Seeing his father, Akash was very curious.He tried many ventures Bellavita was his successful venture. After five failures,  he also failed many times in his early days.

3. Identifying Which Business To Build

Saahil Nayar Co Founder COO left Aakash Anand Founder CEO IDAM House Of Brands Right

He once said that he met many founders on a daily basis. The founders think that my problem statement is very big, so the world’s problems are the same as mine. If you find a problem in India, there are only a number of problems to solve.

Akash looks at himself as a consumer in Bellavita, and he finds problems in his skin. Akash has a salon where Bellavita was. He tried all the products as a consumer. He launched many products for lazy consumers, and if you are able to launch products for lazy consumers, perfume is the biggest example.

You create something that has zero inertia; you win, for example. Many people don’t like to go to the gym every day, but they spend 10 times the money to eat a magic pill that can reduce weight. people want to pay for cures, not prevention. If you can just create cures, you win the game.

Every founder should start creating the cure, see what the problem is in India, and in any business, pick up a small niche to create something.

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4. What is Good Bootstrapped or Funding?


Bootstrapped is the way to go initially, where you help yourself find your PMF (product market fit).

Bellvita started scaling like crazy when he found the right product market fit, which means Bellavita found a 500-rs product with a quality of 5000-rs product.

In any business, if you find a PMF, then scale the business with a high level of investment; otherwise, your competitors will do. Bellavita shut down his skin care business, which was base. Akash knew that perfume was profitable, so why did he run a loss-making business. Fogg perfume can do it in 12 to 15 years Bellavita can do it in 2 to 3 years.

5. How did Akash become the face of Bellavita?

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Akash has been interested in acting since childhood. So he took the camera, bought Bellavita perfume, and started giving full details about his perfume, and his video became viral after that. become the face of his own brand.

6.Bellavita Marketing Strategy 

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Bellavita is a leading Indian fragrance brand with an affordable price. companies do social experiments that influence price perception on consumer behavior. Bellavita invites many top lifestyle influencers to launch a fake perfume brand called Frago Italia.

The guest experienced the fragrance of Frago Italia with its elegant look, premium packaging, high-end price, and attractive look. Feedback from guests was overwhelming positive. But an experiment took an unexpected turn. Bellavita unveils the truth.

All the Frago Italia perfume is actually the Bellavita perfume, for which the guest was paid 10 times. The actual price of Bellavita After that, Bellavita refunded the full amount to consumers, who also received token Of appreciation. 

7.Bellavita Target Audience


Bellavita focused on targeting audiences in Tier 2 and Tier 4. The company only looked for affordable, low-cost products of high quality.

Bellavita succeeds through the art of balancing quality and affordability.”We have always run our business like a business and not like a startup.

Being cash flow positive, generating revenue, and being profitable were always our strategies,” says Aakash.


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Bella vita organics marketing strategy is a testimony to their unwavering dedication to presenting excellent products at less expensive expenses, specially concentrated on the underserved markets of tier ii and tier iii towns.

Spotting the scarcity of best options in those areas, the emblem consciously positioned itself to fill this void by way of handing over excellent merchandise at fee points similar to present picks.With the aid of putting a sensitive balance between best and affordability.

bella vita natural aims no longer best to compete however to excel in markets in which clients have confined options.

The conscious choice to perform with lower profit margins, begin with unconventional, has verified to be a key motive force for fulfillment.

Frequently Ask questions

The brand ethos is very clear. It is a perfect fusion of the quality of luxury brands, packaging inspired by minimal design, portfolio similar to a mass Indian brand while maintaining the prices similar to famous FMCG brands easily affordable by everyone.

Milind Soman Bella Vita Luxury has unveiled a new campaign with their brand ambassador Milind Soman.

Yes, all our products are chemical-free. We used natural ingredients and traditional Ayurvedic recipes to create effective and safe products for skin and hair care.

Brand claims to be committed to being cruelty free. With no animal testing at any stage of production or marketing. However they are using the PETA logo on their website and products without being accredited by them.

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