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The Inspiring Journey of Azhar Iqubal From IIT Dropout TO Networth of 500 Cr

A Man Behind Inshorts News App Born in Small Town from , IIT Dropout to Networth of 500 CR Read Full Inspiring Journeys of Azhar Iqubal.

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1.Who is Azhar Iqubal ?

Azhar Iqubal is Co-founder and CEO of Inshorts App He is just 31 years old.He was Born on 07 October 1992 in Aligarh,Bihar.

He completed his schooling from Oriental Public School Kisanganj ,Bihar In 2007 He came to kalu Sarai,Delhi He did his Higher education in Delhi.In 12th IIT JEE ,He got an AIR Around 600.

Then He Took Admission in IIT Delhi In 3rd year of IIT he Dropout to start his Business Short News Based Startup.

2. Early life of Azhar Iqubal ?

Azhar Iqubal with Business Worlds 40 under 40 Award

Since childhood, his motivation has been clear to earn money.

Born and brought up in India, Azhar’s early life, marked by curiosity and a passion for data, laid the foundation for his adventure. He joined IIT Delhi to pursue a bachelor in mathematics and computer science.

In 2007, he came to Kalu Sarai, Delhi. He did his higher education in Delhi.

As he navigated through his college lifestyles, his starvation for knowledge and an innate entrepreneurial spirit started to blossom. Soon, in his third year, he dropped out from IIT to co-locate what’s now a multi-million greenback enterprise.

3.Personal Life of Azhar Iqubal ?

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Azhar iqubal hails from the kingdom of bihar and presently lives in india. He’s fond of driving and Travelling He also loves to go on street trips with his buddies.

One of the most successful young entrepreneur of India, Followed by Many Young fans .

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4. Carrer of Azhar Iqubal?

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In 2013, azhar iqubal, his IIT delhi classmate anunay pandey, and IIT kharagpur student deepit purkayastha Started the news in shorts facebook web page.

He started news posting in Facebook Because Many of his friends Did not know what is going to their own country or world.

One more reason is that People want short things to Read,Easy to understand It immediately attracted users’ interest as it protected summaries of information gadgets collectively with hyperlinks to the actual testimony.

The app was Launched only for Android user As the business grew, he hired a professional writers to Write 60 words News. He also started making money from his app by adding ads too.

Azhar iqubal’s journey from the ones early life to the inception of inshorts is a testament to the power of curiosity, resilience, and a vision to make data reachable to all.

In 2014 Azhar and his co founder were able to get good business money The app name changed to inshorts in 2015 and 25 cr Funding early days of inshorts 80 to 100 Stories Every day but now the Number was jumped to 500 .

Azhar Released Hindi version of inshorts app So that app So people will Read Short news .Inshorts Raise Funding from Many investors ,

Inshorts is popular and Most downloaded app in India Following the success of inshorts, he also Launched a public app in 2019 with the intention of bringing together indian neighborhood communities on a digital platform.

The website got an investment of Rs. 300 crores in 2021. The app had more than 100 million downloads in October 2023, making it India’s biggest News App.

Azhar Iqubal’s love for cars his collection, starting with the impressive Porsche 718 Boxster.

5.Azhar Iqubal Connection with Hindi language .

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Azhar do schooling in Hindi medium school,He Said that He Connect More in Hindi language.Not Having any insecurity towards Hindi Language,He loves to Talk in Hindi

6. Azhar Iqubal networth

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According to the Business Patrika ,31. Years old Azhar Iqubal networth stands at Whopping amount of INR 500 CR. He is a self-made businessperson with numerous awards in his Kitty .

According to reports, Inshorts raised more than USD 119 million (approximately INR 990 crore) through various funding. Huge firms such as Tiger Global, Vy Capital, Rebright Partners, and Times Internet.

7.Azhar Iqubal Challanges

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Inshorts encountered multiple hurdles usual of any trailblazing project. From navigating the evolving landscape of vertical video formats to placing a stability between development and customer needs.

The journey wasn’t easy Many challenges faced.But all the obstacles metamorphosed in to a stepping stone, propelling inshorts closer to more heights.

8.Azhar Iqubal Awards


Business world young Entrepreneur Award

The Most Enterprising Award

Leader of Asia Award

Under 40 in Business world

Under 40 in Fortune India

Under 30 in Forbes India

Under 30 in Forbes Asia



Inshorts transformative effect on information in take and azhar iqubal entrepreneurial spirit and Inspiring Journeys will absolutely leave an indelible mark at the media industry for years to come.

As the sector continues to adapt, inshorts stands poised to lead the price, guided by Azhar unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence.

frequently Ask questions

Azhar Iqubal's net worth is estimated to be around Rs. 500 crore ,Azhar was very passionate to earn money 

Online news aggregator InShorts loss during the year ended March 2023 to Rs 309.75 crore, from Rs 231.87 crore in fiscal 2022, as expenses rose faster than revenue Azhar say that inshorts is profitable we reinvest the money in other Business.

Advertisers pay to display their ads to InShorts' users, either in between news stories or as sponsored content. The company also explored subscription-based revenue models, providing ad-free experiences for a premium.

The average salary at Inshorts for freshers is ₹4.6 Lakhs per year for Marketing Executive.

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