Step By Step Guide To Starting A Successful Namkeen/Snacks Business In 2024.

Namkeen is the Most Popular Snacks item in India, Namkeen refers to Many types of Salted ,Sweet,crispy snacks Which available in Many Types like , Mixture,Sev ,Dalmoth, Roasted peanut, Ghatiya,Bujia ,chana chur And unlimited variety of Snacks , Namkeen can be prepared or Carried to anywhere was very easy .

1. What Reason To choose this Namkeen/Snacks Business?

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The Namkeen Business is Booming and growing Faster Rate ,Easy to start this Business Profit Margin are high Easy to understand,Not Many papers Work Required .

You Can Start this Business without Setting up a Manufacturing unit also .Demand is increase in festive Season India.

Top Namkeen brand are very famous because of taste,texture, packaging Initally the are limited Market for Snacks Business and Limited Brands ,but now Competition are Very High .India has strong Craving for Namkeens .

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2. Market Analysis for Namkeen Business?

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The namkeen market in India is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 8.42% between 2024 and 2027. The size of the market is forecast to increase by USD 3,162 million.

The growth of the market depends on some factors, including rising retail space in Tier-II and Tier-III cities of India, evolving taste preferences, and a growing preference for salted snacks.

This report covers the market segment by the type Indian and ethnic snacks and western snacks. and distribution channel (offline and online). Diffrent States Different Taste.

3. Is Namkeen/Snacks Business is Profitable?

product profitability

The profit margin in Namkeen Depend on the Cost of production Expenses including Sources of Material, Marketing Cost, Salaries of Employees ,

The profit margin in Snacks business Approximately 20% to 30 %. In this business Namkeen Cost you around 100 Rs for 1 kg . You can give to the wholesaler for a margin of 20 rs per kg .On other Hand If you Do package and then Sell to Consumer then you can make a margin of 30 to 40 rs per Kg.

by this calculation you can make approx amount of 40 to 50 Thousand Per month as a profit.As the Revenue Grow and Sales will Generate Higher profit Margin.

4. What Market opportunity have in this business?

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You can Start this Namkeen business with different approaches or Category,like you can start Air fryer Snacks, Healthy Snacks,

Market are very Wide Easy to start the Business,You Can Became Namkeen Manufacturer in Large Scale with High quality product to Supply to other customers the Namkeen Market is estimated to grow at 8.4% CAGR.

5. What License and approval required?


To start a snacks Business first you Need to Apply for licence From Various Govt Authority as the consumption of Namkeen can have Direct impact on Health of the customer Here are the list of Licence required to start Namkeen Business in 2024.

PAN is also required. To give the brand name and to establish credibility and reach, Manufacturers should Get Licence.

• FSSAI License

• Fire and Air pollution Licence

• GST Registration

• UDYAM Registration

According to you States if any other licence Required you can Ask to FSSAI office.

6. What Raw materials required to start Namkeen Business?

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Namkeen is not made from only Gram flour ,In Namkeen there are Many Raw Materials Required before Sending Market for Sale :

Gram flour ,Maida ,Peanut, Spices,Oil,Masoor, Dal Flattered Rice ,Corn Flakes,Green peas,Chemical preserver in Some Cases ,Packing Box Different Size of Packet.

7. What Machinery Required To Start Namkeen Business ?

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To Start The production of Good Quality of Namkeen You Required Good Machinery To Manufacture Product in Large Scale .

The Good Machine Reduced Manufacturing Cost and Help to Generate good Amount of profit

The Machine list are 

• Farsan Machine- This Farsan Machine Help us To Make Sev Aloo bhujia ,Gathiya,and many more product.Different size quality,Brand are Different Prices You can compare on Indiamart App also

• Fryer Machine – This Machine is for Frying Purpose Only 

• Mixer Machine – This Machine help in mixing the Namkeen 

Oil Dryer – after Frying from fryer The Namkeen go the oil dryer to dry the all oil.

Weight Machine – different types of Salted, Sweet, Namkeen is Ready for weight in different packages.

Sealer Machine – After weight , package are Ready for Sealing.

8. What types of packaging Required?

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There are 2 types of packaging in Namkeen Business

Plane package/Unbranded – The PP Bag packet with different size Available in market,you Can Start just buy PP bag and print Small paper ,In paper all information about you Company aur brand Name and put paper in PP bag.

Printing Package – This is Branded type of packaging.This also available in 2 types Nitrogen Air in packet or without Air .

9.How Much Land Required to Setup a Manufacturing Unit ?

If you start this Business In large Scale Big machine,it requires Big land

If you Start in Small scale 2000 Sq ft (approx)

10. What type of Labour Required in Namkeen Business?

1 Namkeen Labour Contractor

It’s totally your Choice. On what Scale do you want to start this Business.small Scale Business labour required

2 Skilled labour,2 Unskilled labour, 2 Helper

That’s All

11. Major Players in Namkeen Business and Competitive Analysis?

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Some of the major players in the Indian snacks and namkeen industry are Haldiram’s, Aakash Namkeen, Too yum, Gopal Snacks, Bikanervala, PepsiCo India, etc. However, the Indian snacks and namkeen industry is primarily dominated by Large players many of whom are concentrated in Indore, Bhopal , Rajasthan This place are Good for Namkeens taste Quality.

If you Want to Compete This Big Giants In Business you Require High investment with Unique Marketing Strategy,big Manufacturing Unit Then you able to Compete with them.First you understand Market,Make Strategy,Think About How you Earn money in Competitive Market.

Without Profit you are not Able to Survive.

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12. What Market Strategy Required in Namkeen Business ?

Advertisement Media

Sell your Products in Online, Diffrent Grocery Store Hire Sales Representative in Different Location,Advertise Your Brand in Social media, Newspaper, Billboard, Local publication poster.

You Can Start advertising in Social Media hire Influencer to Market you Product,Run Ad On Facebook.Create your Own Brand Identity,Focus on Package good Quality product Packaging Size ,with Best price.

13. How Much Investment Required to Start This Namkeen Business ?

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There are Many ways to start Business If you want To Start with Manufacturing Unit with Large Scale And Then Market your Own Brand which Requires Lot of Investment Big Land ,And Many More things Approx 50 to 60 lakh Required.

If you want to Start with Local Brand ,Plane Packaging in Medium Scale This is not Require Big investment Approx 10 lakh 5 to 6 lakh required with Machines

There are 1 another way to start this Business you Talk to Some 3rd party Manufacturers They Make The product You don’t Require to do any Manufacturing operations Your only Duty is to Do Marketing in large scale .

That’s all this is the Most simplest way to start this Business in 2024 .If can Buy Machine from Indiamart, Trade India or Local Supplier.

Final Words

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Namkeen is one of the maximum consumable edible products in india. It is eaten at fairs, ceremonies, welcoming guests, and occasions. Apart from Festival and almost each day or weekly for Mod change, we eat namkeen.

It means the namkeen is the top most category of essential products in our life. Therefore, the intake of namkeen may be very high. Intake and call for for namkeen will constantly exist as long as humans exist.

As per marketplace analysts, the namkeen marketplace in india is projected to develop through $2.88 billion in the course of 2022-2026. Namkeen marketplace percentage is progressing at a CAGR of 8.42%. throughout the forecast length.

Frequently Ask questions

Yes, Namkeen Business is profitable but if you do business with proper Planning , and Marketing. Approx 20 to 25% profit margin in this business.

Haldiram – Best Namkeen Brand. Haldiram – best namkeen company that has been providing a wide range of namkeen such as Bhujia, Soan Papdi, and Moong Dal that are perfect for people of all ages Since 1973.

Gujarat, Indore , and Rajasthan state is famous for its namkeens and sweets; they have a wide range of namkeens and delicious snacks.

According to a report published by market research company IMARC Group, the Indian snacks market size was Rs 42,694.9 crore in 2023 and is expected to reach Rs 95,521.8 crore by 2032, exhibiting a growth rate (CAGR) of 9.08% during the forecast period.

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