who is Ashish hemrajani

Ashish Hemrajani Net Worth : A Story of Success and Wealth

Let’s discuss Story of Success and wealth Ashish Hemrajani Net worth of Rs 1000 CR How He Build the Brand .Learn more About Bookmyshow Business Model ,His Random Road trip to Success

1. Who is Ashish Hemrajani ?

who is Ashish hemrajani

Born in 1975, Ashish is the man behind Bookmyshow Success. He is a smart and hard-working guy. He is the co-founder and CEO of Bookmyshow, an online ticket booking platform. Ashish was an MBA marketing graduate. He gave his passion to entrepreneurship, and Ashish and his two friends founded Big Tree Entrainment Pvt. Ltd. Bookmyshow is a parent company.

Under Ashish hemrajani Leadership Company survived the dot com bubble Brust By selling Ticketing Software.

Bookmyshow is a ticket booking platform for booking tickets for live events, movies, concerts, sports games, etc.

So, you’re curious to know how Ashish Hemrajani Networth touched 1000 crore. Read the full article to learn more.

2. Ashish Hemrajani education and Age ?

Ashish Education

He was Born in 1975 (45 years old) he was born and brought up in Mumbai.Ashish completed his schooling at Maneckji Cooper Education Trust, Mumbai.

After that, he pursued his graduation from Mithibai College, Juhu, Mumbai.

Ashish wanted to be a filmmaker, and then he went to the Film and TV Institute of India. But there was a strike in the institute for 6 months, so he returned to complete his education.

After graduation, he went to the USA to complete his MBA in marketing at Sydenham College of Commerce and Economics in 1997 and he worked for an advertising agency.

3. Ashish Hemrajani Family Background?

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He was born to immigrant parents; both his parents are Sindhi, who came from Pakistan after partition happened; his father came to Delhi and worked as a refugee for 10 years; and he studied at Banaras University.

 His mother was a school teacher in Kanpur. And then his father started a business in Gorakhpur and, after many years, came to Bombay to start a family.

Ashish Married with Nilima Hemrajani  He can take a risk because he came with nothing. His parents came with nothing.

4. Ashish Hemrajani Net worth ?

Ashish hemrajani networth

Ashish Hemrajani net worth stands at a whopping Rs. 1000 crore. His success and the growth of Bookmyshow are unbelievable. 

With his two friends, he created a big empire. Ashish believe that with struggle and hard work, you can do anything in life.

If you Give Value to customer Money will come Because money is By product.

(Once Ashish said) ” It’s is all about going out and trying”

5. Bookmyshow History and how it Started?

Bookmyshow 1

The book-show idea was very interesting. It started because of smoking and drinking. Ashish didn’t smoke or drink, but his office was the smoking office.

Every Friday, everybody smoked and drank in front of me. Ashish didn’t have any problem with other people smoking. But he didn’t want to breathe that smoke. So he decided to take a long holiday, so he needs a lot of money. He earned 60,000 rupees in 2.5 years. He packed a bag for trips to South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Botswana.

On his trip, he did the adventure thing. He was sitting under a tree and listening to a radio ad. Commercials are trying to sell rugby tickets. 

In AD, they said, You know what? If you buy tickets online

you will be able to jump the queue, you will get a discount on the merchandise, and you know what? You’ll get a discount coupon for your next purchase. 

In this AD, Ashish realized his vision of changing the ticketing industry completely. With his two friends, he started At the age of 24, start the business Bigtree Entrainment Pvt. Ltd.  Bookmyshow is the brand name under this .

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6. Ashish Hemrajani Challenges ?

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Ashish journey to Success is not a cup of tea ,The early days of Bookmyshow face Many Challenges like convincing people , Understand Business to investors for fundings.

Ashish and his team’s Hardwork, determination towards Success led to Bookmyshow Success.

When he start Bookmyshow there is no credit card,Debit card,no internet penetrations ,inspite of that he build a business.

7. How Ashish Hemrajani Create Monopoly in Business ?

Ashish was very good at leadership. To run a company, good leadership is required. To create Monopoly in business, first you put the right person in the right place at the right time, and then everything works well. Once Ashish said, I didn’t create the monopoly in business.

We are good at our job. I am not ashamed of that. We are extremely good at what we do. If you’re good at what we do, you automatically get a good leadership position. Ashish has a main focus on marketing and branding to increase visibility in markets and attract more customers.

It is important to note that doing monopoly in business has its own positive and negative identity. With the impact of big dominance in the market, you should be careful about competition and choice of customer.

8. Bookmyshow Business Model ?

business model

Bookmyshow is an online ticketing platform that focuses on booking online tickets for sports, movies, entertainment, and plays .

Bookmyshow Business Model Hold on the following aspects:

• Ticket Sales: Bookmyshow sells tickets through its own app, and the platform charges convenience fees for each ticket sold.

• Sponsorship: The company enters into sponsorship agreements with different brands to promote their products.

• Membership program: The company offers many different programs, such as Bookmyshow Superstar, that provide benefits to users to claim more discounts.

• Partnerships and tie-ups: The company ties up with different brands or cinemas, leagues, and sports to sell the tickets through its platform. The platform earns commissions for each ticket sold.

A Man Build 200cr company in just 3 years.

9. Bookmyshow profit ?

Customer Relations Instagram Post in Cream Beige Black Warm Modern Style 20240510 184120 0000

Bookmyshow is profitable. Company In FY23, the company posted a profit of 85 crore.

As income from the live event, we saw a massive jump. This profit is after COVID-19.

Bookmyshow Sales Touch to 1000 Cr 

In FY22, the company posted a loss of 92 crore because of the COVID effect.After that, the company recovers strongly.

In future, Company Will Do Dam Good business. That’s why ashish Hemrajani net worth increased Rapidly.

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10. Is Bookmyshow is owned by Reliance?

Big Tree Entertainment Pvt. Ltd., which operates Bookmyshow, wants a big round of fund-raising with Network18 and other investors. 

Network18 is the largest shareholder in Bookmyshow. Network 18 is owned by Reliance Industries. 

11. Ashish Hemrajani Business Partner or Co-founder ?

co founder

Ashish and his two friends started Big Tree Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.

Parikshit Dhar (co-founder), who is the director of the company, completed his MBA with Ashish Hemrajani.

He has expertise in the technology part of the company including website design and building a portal. All tech parts are managed by him.

Rajesh Balpande (co-founder) worked as an investment banker with Chatterjee Group. After that, he joined Ashish.His knowledge in Finance Help a lot to Company.

12. How Bookmyshow got his Name ?

In Starting Bookmyshow Branded as Go for ticketing ,In 2002 Company Rename as India ticketing.

After that Branding as Bookmyshow.

Bookmyshow is the Parent company of Big Tree entrainment private limited .

13. Bookmyshow Company Valuation?

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The valuation of Bookmyshow is estimated to be around Rs 7,500 crore as of 2024.

Because of recent investment talk by KKR private equity firm.After this investment, Ashish net worth will also grow.

You can also read Bookmyshow Valuation Article.

14. Ashish Hemrajani future plans ?

Ashish Hemrajani purchased a green ticket company and is very optimistic about its progress. 

Expanding the company further and potentially going for an IPO.

Final Words

Ashish Hemrajani story of journey to success inspire Many people Without Ashish Leadership Company not able to survive in COVID.

Ashish hemrajani networth of 1000 crore without hardwork He not able to make this amount of money.

Frequently Ask question

Ashish hemrajani wife Nilima Hemrajani.

Yes , Bookmyshow is profitable Company,in FY 23 Company posted a 85 cr profit.

In terms of Valuation Bookmyshow is unicorn company, Currently Company Valuation is Rs  7500 Cr.


Ashish hemrajani is the Co-founder and CEO of the company , Ashish plays a significant leadership role in company.

Bookmyshow , initially know as Big tree Entertainment Pvt ltd founded in 1999.by Ashish and his friends.

Bookmyshow offer a user friendly way for people to access and booking tickets for a wide Range of entertainment event .

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