Fevicol brand Marketing Strategy Learning Lesson for All.

Advertising and marketing are all about developing and gratifying demands of clients in a profitable way. Fevicol is one iconic indian logo which has been doing this for years.

It is owned through pidilite industries, a business enterprise which has been production adhesives given that 1959. The story of fevicol brand fulfillment is a very unique and exciting topic Fevicol Marketing Strategy.



Fevicol brand is among those famous indian manufacturers which can be known through the majority inside the logo of fevicol represents the message desires to deliver to the clients.

It shows 2 elephants stuck collectively with the bond of fevicol and the growing sun in the back of these elephants indicates the freshness and popularity of this emblem in adhesive merchandise market.

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Fevicol Brand is the household name of India today. After more than 60 years of strong bonds, Fevicol still holds more than 70% of the market share.

India’s largest-selling Adhesive Fevicol has been killing with its marketing strategy since 1960. This is the reason the brand earns more than $1 billion in revenue.

But the question arises: What are the marketing techniques that have sustained a have sustained a brand  for more than 60 years? Fevicol has maintained the ultimate bond for decades.

Fevicol Brand, they don’t Sell Product They teach Customer It become Household Names Glue Means Fevicol But How ?

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Some Fevicol Marketing Techniques

1. Witty Marketing

Old Ads or New Ads Fevicol Marketing Strategy always eye Catching . Fevicol also good in Creating Content they keep Moving forward with time Billboard, Magazine ,and then Radio then TV Channel with Big Celebrities.

Creating comedy , Funny Ads . Pidilite Build his website and presense in Social media including including Instagram , YouTube and Creating Content.

Fevicol Brand Marketing Strategy is very Unique , Without well planned Strategy Fevicol was not here.

2. Socially Creative Campaign

The iconic Brand fevicol celebrate the Auspicious festival of Raksha bandhan by Launching a initiative called Fevicol Bond of love to honour the Country Soldiers.

Make Rakhi By the help of 1.5 lakh Students across India The Rakhi making started on Kargil Vijay Diwas, and will continue till 5th August, 2017. More than 500 School across India are participating in the activity.

3. Skill Development

Pidilite Or Fevicol Constantly work on Skill development for the Construction Industry through Their Dr Fixit Institute Very Few Companies Educate their Customers Fevicol is One of Them.

In Today World No one Can Intrested To listen About You or your Product People only intrest in Emotion.

People are not interested in who you are They are interested in how You Make Them Feel.

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4. Fevicol Brand Recall Strategy

The brand recall strategy that Fevicol used in the 1980s and 1990s Fevicol brand was the master of printing, advertising, and hoarding. 

Fevicol brand is characterized by two things:

  • Unbreakable Bonds
  • Innovation

From the tagline of :



 The advertising and hoarding drop in rural areas with the logo in the Settings tells about the brand. In 90s TV ads was came As I said in the beginning “PAKDE REHENA CHODNA NAHI” And it took the advertising world to a new height in India. Brainchild of the Ad Man of India, Piyush Pandey.

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Fevicol brand come up with more hilarious and iconic ads, such as:

– Hen that laid an unbreakable egg 

– The Vagabond 

– Dum laga ke Haisa

– Crowded Bus

– Moochwali

And most recently, on completion of 60 years. The brand launched the longest ad film in the history of fevicol.The 90 Second ads takes the audience on the journey of multiple generations through the perspective of Sofa.

  •  The spot opens in the old era, where a newlywed couple heads home with a gifted sofa as the story progresses.
  • We see the sofa used by many generations in the same family. It showcases how the sofa witnessed various events throughout its lifetime, yet it’s going strong.

The closer visual takes us to the sofa-making process, where fevicol is an integral part of any furniture-making process, and that’s how fevicol has become synonymous with adhesive over the decades.

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5. Fevicol brand Movment Marketing

Now in the Digital Age,The brand leverages social media to take us back in time. So what is the digital strategy or trick that FEVICOL is using in social media?

The answer to this question is repurposing existing content and movement marketing. As we discussed, Fevicol pulled off some great content over TVC as well as hoarding.

Now in social media, they are doing the same to present their witty takes. Fevicol brand Marketing Strategy also maintains a humorous Fevicol tone, which has always been glued to brand communication. 

Fevicol social media posts are also able to convey the brand message in an effective way. By Movment Marketing, the brand is making waves in the hearts of young India. Fevicol always follows marketing strategies like FMCG brands.  

One of the iconic memories for the brand is being used in the movie song for Dabbang 2. The PM modi Describe the relationship between India and Japan as a bond like Fevicol.Now that’s the power of building a strong brand. 

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The Brand Before all this, a marketing strategy called direct marketing was used. Back in 1960, it was tough to market the brand because so many competitors were already in the market.Fevicol tried to do something different.

The fevicol Brand Reach out to the carpenter directly. It’s primary consumer As part of this first product line extension, Fevicol launched 30 gm Adhesive too. 

The adhesive was, easy to apply and smell-free. And have perfect consistency. This is a smart move by Fevicol brand. Why?Because carpenters only used animal glue starch, nails were hard to apply and easy to apply.

Adhesive has become the USP of Fevicol and convinced the carpenters to choose all other products present in markets. But Fevicol knew if it had to grow big, this wasn’t enough.

Fevicol brand wants good relations between the Carpenter. That’s when it launches its initiative called the Fevicol Champion Club. Now that FCC is a platform where carpenters come together for the betterment of the community, they also get to learn business skills. The club is also used to demonstrate new products and solve queries about existing products.

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 Currently, there are nearly 400 clubs with over 40,000 members, and that’s how it all started.  The brand has extended its product portfolio to reach every household in India over the past year, and its over-the-counter strategy has been helpful in increasing sales while the ads helped in building brand recall value.

To understand this, you first need to understand the BCG matrix, or growth share matrix. Any company with a diverse portfolio of products under its belt can utilize this model. There are four quadrants. Star,Cash Cow, Question Mark, and Dog 

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This depends on the market growth rate or market share. In the case of fevicol or pidilite, the star products for them are Dr. Fixit and Roff style adhesive.

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These are high-growth products, and the market for them is constantly increasing. Waterproofing in developing nations is still in progress, and tile adhesive is very new yet very effective.

6. Fevicol Brand profit

Fevicol brand doing Great business with handsome profit growth. To know More about fevicol brand profit you can read this article

Business Standard article about fevicol profit 2024


Religious, social and moral values are a long way more potent and decisive inside the societies like india and this is in which brands like fevicol rating by means of appreciating that difference and playing consistent with those policies.

It is aware of who its goal purchasers are and therefore units up the classified ads with elements that may be effortlessly relatable for the target market. The humor is a regular function that entertains even after repeated viewing and discourages humans from switching channels.

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It is an adhesive logo and its traits are communicated very successfully through symbolic instances. It must additionally be referred to that no matter its positioning.

Frequently Ask questions.

Fevicol target audience is between 5 years who does art /crafts in school. And the age of up to 50 years old customer for day to day household uses,and for workers.

From its iconic "Fevicol ka jod hai, tootega nahi" (Fevicol is a bond that won't break) Fevicol Slogan was as always Interesting, funny.

Madhukar Parekh is chairman of Pidilite Industries, India's leading maker of adhesives and sealants. Parekh and his family own a majority stake in the company, which was founded by his late father Balvant Parekh in 1959.

Piyush Pandey is the Man behind fevicol funny Ads.


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